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Our History

    The largest settlement of ancient humans began in Indian Subcontinent: Indus Valley Civilization. That’s where the very ancient people stopped the “wandering life,” and started living in one place. Being one of the pioneer settlers, they had the best opportunity to explore the nature. They started domesticating animals and started being generous to them because the animals helped them in every walk of their lives such as farming, transportation, milk, clothing, and even to make tools out of their bones (after passing away of animals). As their further possibility, people started exploring and experimenting with edible crops, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. That’s how the food in Indian Subcontinent became so rich. They had such a wide variety and selection of ingredients, herbs, and spices that they could make any food tasty.


         Today, more and more people are shifting towards vegetarian and vegan diets because of the added health benefits and to create a healthier and better planet. There are a good number of restaurants that offer vegan options in their menus, but with our carefully crafted all-vegan menu, you can have ‘full confidence’ dining with us. That way, you don’t have to worry about possible contamination, or even a slight chance of allergy. We have had this idea in mind for last few years, but we were looking for the right spot to try it out. We believe, we have found our spot! With the limited space and growing costs of labor-intensive food industry, we are making it a fast casual Indian Restaurant, “TOTAL VEGAN.” We understand customer expectations, but at the same time we have our limitations as well. So, please accept and welcome us as a part of your community. We will not disappoint you. Thank you!

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